(Italiano) Intonaci e materiali in Argilla (Terra Cruda)

Products Clay
Clay is one of the oldest building materials.
The products based on clay are composed of clay, sand and sawdust shavings are taken from the cutting of fresh wood.
The result is that resistant building materials, for supply of raw materials, minimum tillage and with low energy consumption, no chemicals and waste disposal and recycling, are among the most popular buildings in the bio construction. Their use ranges from rehabilitation and restructuring, up to the most modern solutions for interiors.
Products made of clay, such as hollow tiles, slabs, plasters and paints, they agree to intervene with multiple solutions by creating healthy environments and comfortable.
Numerous properties of clay:
great fly termoirgometrico therefore able to absorb and release moisture
high thermal inertia
excellent breathability of the walls
prevents the formation of mold
It keeps dust and neutralizes odors

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