House X-LAM | Bronte – Catania – Sicily

Realization of a Sicilian company, specialized in the construction of wooden structures, of a single-family house located in Bronte in prov. of Catania on the western slopes of Etna, climate zone D and altitude 760 m. above sea level.

The construction consists of a basement in concrete and used as a garage, and a floor above ground made of wood with construction type X-LAM intended for the living area. The roof is one of the peculiarities of the building, which, given the location of the area, dominates the surrounding area.

The owners’ wish was to build a building capable of guaranteeing high living comfort conditions both in winter and in summer, for this reason the materials and systems of Naturalia-BAU were chosen for the insulation of the building.

Stratigraphy for the roof:

  • Hygratic vapor brake Proclima Intesana Evo
  • Ribbons Proclima Tescon Vana;
  • PAVATEX PavaTherm double layer wood fiber;
  • STAMISOL waterproofing sheet.

Stratigraphy for walls:

    • first layer with PAVATEX PavaTherm wood fiber panel (density 110 kg / mc);


    • second layer with wood fiber panel for PAVATEX DiffuTherm coat applications (density 190 kg / mc);


    • Shaving with NaturaKALK Smoothing compound based on NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime, applied with a consumption of 9 kg / m2;


  • Intonachino NaturaKALK Silicati-I;


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